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Covid19 - Hotel Balneari Vichy Catalan

1.- General lines
2.- In public spaces
3.- At the reception
4.- In the rooms
5.- In the restaurant areas
6.- In the thermal center
7.- In the outdoor pool
8.- Others

Following the instructions dictated by the Institute for Spanish Tourist Quality of the Ministry of Industry, Commerce and Tourism, the corresponding Contingency Plan has been prepared, adapting our risk assessment and safety and health protocols. These measures have been reinforced by the advice of Laboratorios Dr. Oliver Rodés and Cristal International Standards.

In compliance with said regulations, we inform you of the measures that, as a guest of this establishment, affect you and you must observe.

A permanent training program for the staff of the Hotel Balneario Vichy Catalán has been implemented to guarantee their safety and that of their guests.

You must respect the indications shown on the signs you will find in the establishment and follow the instructions of our employees


To guarantee the safety of our visitors and employees, the temperature of any person (customer, supplier or employee) who accesses the facilities will be taken and people in a feverish state with a temperature equal to or greater than 37.5ºC will not be allowed to enter. 

The reception will have gloves and masks that will be provided to those who need it and the masks must be used at all times, except in the cases established by Resolution SLT / 1648/2020, of July 8, published in the DOGC.

Do not use the elevators with people who do not live with you in the same room.

Cleaning of restrooms in public areas is being carried out 6 times a day.

Upon arrival at the hotel, you must sign a responsible declaration guaranteeing that you are not aware of being infected by the SARSCoV-2 virus, you will also take your temperature and you will not be allowed to enter if it is equal to or greater than 37.5ºC.

At the time of registering at our establishment you will receive a properly sanitized access card to the room, please keep it in your possession during your stay and deposit it in the urn that the reception will find for this purpose.

You must respect the itinerary marked on the ground and respect the safety distance until you are attended to at the reception desk.


Neither the floor cleaning nor maintenance staff will access the rooms while a client is in it, if necessary, both must wear masks.

We do not have room service or a minibar.

We do not have a laundry service for clients' clothes.


The cushions and plaids of the beds have been removed.

We have eliminated litter bins in the rooms, leaving the only litter bin in the bathroom in order to concentrate possible contaminating elements.


Dirty and clean bed and bath linen respect a strict circuit that avoids cross contamination.

Our laundry guarantees the cleaning and disinfection of bed and bath linen with washes at a temperature of more than 60ºC.

The capacity of restaurants, cafeteria and terrace has been reduced.

Itineraries have been designed in the access to restaurants, cafeteria and terrace to help keep the safety distance.

The free buffet breakfast has been replaced by a semi-assisted buffet and with previous reservation of shift to control the capacity and security distances.

If you are staying at the hotel, you must sign a consent upon arrival, if you are not staying, you must sign a responsible declaration guaranteeing that you are not aware of being infected by the SARSCoV-2 virus, you will also take your temperature and it will not be entry is allowed if it is equal to or greater than 37.5ºC.

The thermal circuit will be available with a limited capacity and with a stay of 50 minutes per session. Some of the services offered by our establishment may be limited or temporarily suspended.

Children under 14 years old will not be allowed access.

The use of towels will be mandatory in deckchairs and Balinese beds.

The capacity will be limited and will be indicated at the entrance of the facility.

The use of masks will be mandatory, except on the way to the water and at the time of bathing, and/or while sunbathing on the deckchair.

In the event that a guest communicates or if symptoms compatible with the coronavirus are detected, the Hotel Balneario Vichy Catalán will inform the health services of Caldes de Malavella and, following their instructions, will confine the guest to their room if they remain at home. hotel or will block the room for proper disinfection if you leave it.

The directed activities are carried out abroad or in rooms with the necessary amplitude and no material for shared use is used; Likewise. Neither are board games currently available.

Both the paddle tennis court and the table tennis can be used; We make material available to customers that is disinfected after each use.

The events and work meetings will not have paper and pens provided by the hotel.

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