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Forecast reopening June 2020 - Hotel Balneari Vichy Catalan

The Hotel Balneario Vichy Catalan will reopen its doors on June 8


At the end of May, the Dr. Oliver-Rodés Laboratory and Cristal International Standards will begin the disinfection, hygiene and preventive treatment processes against Covid-19 in all areas of the hotel.

Upon arrival, guests will be given the necessary personal protective equipment to guarantee security during their stay.

Since last March and due to the state of alarm caused by the Covid-19 health crisis, the Ministry of Health ordered the closure of all tourist accommodation establishments, the Hotel Balneario Vichy Catalan located in Caldes de Malavella closed its facilities to face an unprecedented situation.

Two months later, the human team of the thermal establishment is already working on the reopening that will take place on June 8, as long as there is free movement in Catalonia.. In fact, the previous disinfection and hygiene processes that will be audited by the prestigious Dr. Oliver-Rodés Laboratory with regard to physical spaces and the Cristal International Standards company in the field of food safety, will begin at the end of May.


The protocol of the Dr. Oliver-Rodés Laboratory consists of 3 phases that guarantee the achievement of totally safe spaces. In the first phase, the preventive plan will be launched, in which the users' routines will be reviewed and it will be analyzed if it is necessary to change them or incorporate new guidelines. In this first phase, the frequency and cleaning products used to establish disinfection and periodic cleaning will also be studied. The action plan that is part of the second phase is materialized with deep disinfection, both in the environment and on the surfaces of all the spaces of the Hotel Balneario Vichy Catalan. For this purpose, a cold fogging of a broad-spectrum and fast-acting biocide against viruses, bacteria and fungi is used, specially formulated for use in hospitals and health centers. The third and last phase consists of a follow-up to ensure the correct application of all the established measures.


The architectural complex of the Hotel Balneario Vichy Catalan, whose construction took place between the years 1891 and 1898 following the canons of the neo-mudejar modernist style, has witnessed numerous events that have marked contemporary history: various pandemics and warlike conflicts such as the Second World War and the Spanish Civil War. As a result of the legacy of a centennial construction oriented in its origins to therapeutic purposes, the spaciousness of its facilities is one of the advantages that the Hotel Balneario Vichy Catalan presents to ensure the maintenance of the safety distance. This attribute is present both in the interior areas: restaurant, bar, TV room, rooms and corridors; as well as abroad: 20,000-meter gardens with a spacious terrace and an outdoor pool.


And since the security of the clients during their stay at the Hotel Balneario Vichy Catalan is crucial, the rooms will be disinfected daily and an individual protective equipment, consisting of a mask, gloves, hydro-alcoholic gel and disinfecting wipe will be delivered to each guest.

Regarding the preventive measures that have been established for the human team of the Hotel Balneario Vichy Catalan, it is worth noting the periodic temperature controls and the provision of specific training for the correct placement and sanitation of individual protective equipment, as well as information on the safety protocols to follow during your workday.

For more than 120 years, the Hotel Balneario Vichy Catalan has guaranteed its clients an extraordinary recreational-thermal experience in an oasis of relaxation and tranquility. To continue meeting the expectations of all guests after the paradigm shift caused by the Covid-19, the establishment will have the commitment and involvement of all staff and an environment audited and certified by renowned companies such as the Laboratorio Dr Oliver-Rodés.

In gratitude to all the employees of the Spanish health system for their dedication and the enormous effort made to fight the Covid-19 crisis, the Hotel Balneario Vichy Catalan will offer special discounts to accredited professionals.

We hope to have your trust again very soon!

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